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How to Grow Social Media Followers

How to Grow Social Media Followers

2022 / 10 / 19

All internet marketing methods depend on acquiring a social media following. Social media is the perfect digital platform for engaging with the right audience and spreading brand awareness.

It is also the best platform for sharing original material in real-time, such as posts and company news, that are in accordance with the interests and preferences of your audience.


But how can you attract new users to follow and like your social media pages? 

It takes a customized social media engagement plan, a wide knowledge of the industry, and good technological expertise to achieve new organic followers in a packed digital environment.

LARSA’s social media team offers some of the best advice on how to increase the number of followers on social networks for your business.


Tip #1: Determine What Your Social Media Goals are

For example, new businesses may want to utilize social media to build brand recognition for the goods and services they offer. Businesses launching an e-commerce website or establishing an online shop would likely be more concerned with increasing website traffic.


Tip #2: Decide which social media platforms are best for your business

After determining your goals, you must choose the social media platforms that will help you reach them.

The majority of businesses often have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, depending on your objectives and the nature of your brand or business, you might decide to employ these in various ways. You might also want to shift your focus on other social media platforms, as per your business needs, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. For example, if you are running a Freight and Cargo business, you might want to be less active on Instagram and more active on Twitter by sharing articles or answering customers' questions. However, if you run a restaurant, you should stick to Instagram and leverage its visual aspect.


Tip #3: Determine Who Your Audience is

Identifying the right audience will have a huge impact on the strategy you ought to use on each social media platform.

However, just because your potential customers exist on social media platforms and are active doesn't guarantee that they will notice you or follow you. Therefore, you need to identify your audience to ensure the content you create is directed towards them. 

Your understanding of your target customers depends on your consumer research and your business sales data. 


Tip #4: Build Your Audience by Engaging Them

By consistently responding to your audience on social media, such as any comments written on posts, you can promote a feeling of community participation and make your customers feel valued and heard. This demonstrates excellent customer service as well, increasing the likelihood that your audience will believe in your business.

Tip #5: Use Smart Hashtags

You need to select hashtags which are more likely to be noticed by the targeted audience.  The likelihood of these people following your account will increase if a relevant link is formed. It's preferable to utilise a range of hashtags, from narrower, more specialised hashtags to broader, more popular hashtags. Prevent using spammy, overly general hashtags.


Tip #6: Post Valuable Content that Your Audience Will Engage With

When creating content, pay attention to the targeted audience and make it more engaging. The simplest approach to determine what your audience likes is to look at your statistics, check which posts had the most interaction, and then produce additional content similar to them.


Tip #7: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Make sure your bio provides all the information a prospective follower may possibly want to acknowledge about your brand and what you have to offer in a single, concise paragraph.  Additionally, using keywords to make your content more discoverable is an excellent method to increase your social media following.

Finally, a "call to action" urging readers to follow you or visit your website should always be included.


Tip #8: Collaborate with Influencers

If you choose the right influencers, you may build a loyal audience that will be interested in the products and/or services your business provides. Running a successful campaign in collaboration with influencers can yield fantastic outcomes for your brand, depending on your budget. Not only in terms of growth in followers, but in terms of sales too.